The East Mountains Protection Action Coalition

EMPAC resources and further reading on the Campbell Ranch Master Plan
  • Campbell Ranch Original 2002 Master Plan: Download
  • Campbell Ranch 2021 Amended Master Plan: Download / External
  • Campbell Ranch 2002 Master Plan, Appendix E Water Supply Plan: Download / All appendices have supposedly been posted on Edgewood’s website
  • September 28-29, 2021 Edgewood Planning & Zoning Meeting minutes: Download / External
  • September 28-29, 2021 Edgewood Planning & Zoning Meeting video (Facebook): External
  • Master Plan slide deck from September 28 hearing: Download / Externa
  • 2001 Development Agreement: Download / External
  • Campbell Ranch Housing Demand Study: Not available to our knowledge
  • Annexation of Campbell Ranch 2001 Requested from P&Z 12/10/2021 but not yet made available
  • Campbell Ranch Master Plan: History and Timeline
  • EMPAC: Full text of Appeal
  • Town of Edgewood: External
  • Town of Edgewood Planning & Zoning Publications: External
  • New Mexico Office of the State Engineer: External 
  • Bernalillo County Commissioners: External 
  • Bernalillo County Commissioner District 5, Charlene Pyskoty: External 
  • Bernalillo County Natural Resources: External
  • The Independent, Edgewood News: External
  • KRQE report on CR development (Sept 2021): External


Interesting reading and references

  • New Mexico Water Basics and An Introduction to Water Markets: Download
  • Estancia Basin Guidelines for Review of Water Rights Applications – OSE: Download / External
  • Estancia Basin Guidelines Regional Water Plan 2016 – OSE: Download / External
  • New Mexico Regional Water Planning OSE: External
  • King/Entranosa Estancia Basin water transfer application: Download
  • Philip Rust, Bernalillo County Hydrogeologist: External