The East Mountains Protection Action Coalition

EMPAC is dedicated to protecting the people, environment, and culture of the East Mountains, by taking action to minimize the adverse impacts of irresponsible development.

EMPAC had a significant win at the Edgewood Appeal Hearing on April 12, 2022.

The Campbell Ranch Master Plan was remanded to the Edgewood Planning & Zoning Commission for a complete re-do.

For full details, read our summary.

The Edgewood Planning & Zoning Manager gave a Campbell Ranch update during the April 19, 2022 Commission meeting.  He said that Campbell’s amendment is Null & Void, as if it never happened, and the ball is in Campbell’s court.

Campbell could fall back on their 2002 Master Plan, submit the same amendment, or submit a new amendment.  There is no deadline or timetable.

New housing units

A massive influx…

Are we really ready to double the population of the East Mountains?

Gallons of water per year


Where are 500 million gallons of water coming from?

Additional trips on NM14

Hoping for the best?

Where’s the plan to cope with 25,000 more daily trips on our roads?

The catalyst for founding EMPAC was the Edgewood Planning & Zoning approval of the amended Campbell Ranch Master Plan on September 29, 2021.

If this development proceeds as planned, it has the potential to permanently alter our East Mountain quality of life.

EMPAC filed an appeal on November 24, 2021 requesting that the Town of Edgewood overturn the P&Z approval of the Campbell Ranch Master Plan and require that a new Master Plan be submitted based on current environmental conditions and all current Town of Edgewood, County, State, Federal Ordinances, Statutes and Law.